Laney » Editor..oh my gosh... you still blog here.....remember me? well am back...drop me a line, if you get this.
editor » Sunny One, one of my moderators discovered today that no one could register. I fixed the error and I do apologize.
editor » Oh oh! I just thought of a reason. We have a member named Sunny Day. That might be the reason you can't register. You could try Sunny One, or something like that. Please email me and let me know.
editor » My email address is so we can keep this confidential. Again, I am so sorry to delay you. We will be having a new challenge in Sept. you would be interested in.
editor » Sunny, I am so sorry. I don't know what the cause is. I can register you and then you can change your password that I assign. I need your desired user name and email address. (continued....)
SunnyOne » Editor, I still cannot register at . I would love to be a member but so far your board will not accept me. Have a grat day with the Lord,
editor » Hi Sunny One, to register on our forum, the URL is HOPE TO SEE YOU
SunnyOne » editor, could not register at Wanted to join.
editor » A new weekly Monday series begins on July 9, 2007 called Awakened.
editor » Hi Lynnie! Thanks so much for checking me out. I added more new sites on the scrolling banner today.
Lynnie » You are doing a great job with all of your sites.
editor » We will have a new weekly series of Choices in 2007. You may make a comment under the post if you are following along.
editor » Note: I do not receive notifications of the tag board or blog comments. I just searched today and found many trying to communicate. Thank you!
editor » Laney, I think I still have your email. Will try that!
Laney » Hey still around? It's Laney?
Laney » Hey still around? It's Laney?
editor » What I have done is to chronologically reverse our files so that new people and visitors alike can see our earlier posts until I write again. Enjoy!
editor » Tomorrow 3/21 will be the end of my daily series once more. Thanks for reading. It is time once again to move to a new endeavor. I will be back though!
editor » chrysalis, mighty nice of you to stop by!
chrysalis » Wow, what a great blog!
editor » Hi Kathy! No, I am gifted (ha ha) but not talented in that arena. The template comes (with choices) courtesy of
kathy » Hello, this is my first visit to your blog and I really love the template you are using. Did you design it yourself, and if so, do you sell blog templates?
editor » Steven, I see you have the Good news blog. Good news never becomes old news. Keep on winning souls for Christ!
Steven » Cool Blog! Have a good Day!
editor » Anyone else following updates at blogdrive: A message appeared on each post; No offline images allowed . I provide my own hosting and hopefully got that issue resolved. *sighs*
editor » Thank you so much for your kindness, Blue Bonnet Lady. They did remove them and I was concerned people would equate some of the kooky ads to my ministry.
BlueBonnetLady » I do not pay that much attention to the ads. Rather have your site even with the ads. Just my feelings. Thanks for this blog drive.
editor » Right now they are claiming they are eradicating them due to complaints. It appears to be gone right now, but I will keep you updated.
editor » My apologies to all who have faithfully come here since 2003. I see now blogdrive is adding google ads for the free sites. I do not know that I can afford to upgrade, but I am looking into it.
editor » Thank you, Angel Shine. Hope to see you around!
Angel_Shine » Hi great links here.
editor » Hi James! Thanks for coming by. Sorry I missed you. Ususally just post and move on to my other morning devotionals. Have a great day.
James » Anybody here?
James » hi
editor » Thanks and Hi Linnie Lou. I don't know how you found me, but I am so blessed you did. May God always lead you in the paths of motivation and inspiration. He offers so much. Receive!
Linnie Lou » All of your different sites are so inspirational.
editor » Hello JK. Thanks for saying hi and encouraging me.
editor » Hi Blue Bonnet Lady! Yep, you encouraged me to try again. Thanks!
JK :) » Hello! Nice site you have here.
BlueBonnetLady » So glad I came back Thanks for Second Helpings
editor » Deb, help is ont the way. Go here because we are active and loving! hp?
debcmk3 » I just started a new diet for what seems to be the 100th time. I am hoping to find new friends that are going through the same thing
debcmk3 » hi all
editor » Good morning! You came back, Blue Bonnet. That is so nice. I have given up, just don't feel inspired.
BlueBonnetLady » Thanks for the reply. Understand.
editor » 'cont' And found myself boring for disorder eaters. Then I began thinking of a series called "Second Helpings" primarily for overeaters. I just don't think that I should return in all honesty.
editor » Hi Blue Bonnet! Thanks for coming. I am a writer at heart and in my head is such print. But I wonder about overkill. How much can I say without duplicating myself? I started back with "Happy Meals"
BlueBonnetLady » Not sure how this works but will give it the old college try. Just a note to say that I have enjoyed reading the previous posts and are there going to be any more. They are super
editor » Hi mocha! Thanks for stopping by!
mocha » goodnight
mocha » Hello, I'm new to this site
mocha » HI
mocha » hi
editor » Thank's Lynne very much. I think I am a retired blogger right now, but I surely appreciate your visit. God love you!
Lynne » nice blog!
editor » I never endorse pills for dieters but will leave this for others. Please note when a message length is too long, it automatically disappears.
Online Pharmacy » Message
editor » Brent, just wanted to thank you for a wonderful blessing message.
brent » blessings
editor » That was awfully nice, Laney. Thanks!
Laney » Hi Editor..Just coming in to say Hello to you and sending hugz your way..You are truly a blessed friend..Love ya...Laney
editor » I don't have your address any more. I have a new computer and don't have a list of former emails. When you log out, your edit option goes away.
Laney » and if I get it all together this time..seems so different Talk soon..Blessings, Laney
Laney » Other then all that, it is great to be talking with you again =) Hugz!! I wish my blog was the way it used to be..but this time, i dont think i am going to do all that. Will see what happens, and if
Laney » when you post then go look at the page, it has edit on it? know what I mean? Ok hos you still have my email addy, maybe i can write there?
Laney » Hi editor, so good to be back =)..well I tore down that site many computer problems. All for all that right. I did so much now all gone. Well here things changed, so i am alittle confused. Lik
editor » Hi Laney! Sure good to see you and yes I will help. How is the web page discussion group you started?
Laney » Hi Editor! I am back..long story, and my old blog is here I go again. And may need help? Putting this back willing to help...ahh! Hope you get this.
editor » Luk 6:45 The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good!
lynda » Good Bright Son Shiny Morning! I will rise up this day and begin to not only proclaim but believe that God has a plan for me and with God all things are possible.
editor » Liynda! There is a Cure. His name is Jesus! What a wonderful Name.
lynda » Good Bright Son Shiny Morning! A very good word when seeking to get back on track. " My focuse and path come by the name of Christ" Praise the Lord!
editor » I missed all this excitement, Journo. Thanks for letting me know. I am not very popular with bloggers, but I appreciate you coming here.
The Journo » Three spots left for the Round 4 review ! Submit your site for review and get in for Round 4. Otherwise wait till Round 5 !
editor » Thanks, mands. I will pray that you receive the same blessing of an overcomer.
mands » hey I think it is so cool the way you are overcoming this thing. I am so impressed. I wish that I could do the same!
editor » Lil take the free 60 day course called The Lord's Table at I know that will encourage you and help.
editor » Hi Lil. No, I don't. What helped me was writing devotions, prayers and Bible studies. They can be found at
lil » I am at the "nothing will ever work for me stage"I am discouraged
lil » Editor do you have a jounal of your journey or a testimony?
editor » No, we missed each other. I am usually only on to post or check the new links.
Delcie » Are you still there? Thanks!
editor » Hi, Delcie. I approved your link!
Delcie » Hello
editor » Ficklminded, nice of you to say so!
fickleminded » luv your blog,really cool huh!
editor » So very cool to see a Pastor blogging, PTL!
Steve » Great blog!
editor » Hey, Linda, super. You are an for telling me. I only do Yahoo searches.
Linda » Hi Candy, just searched for Grace Today on Google, to see if you're really only number 9, and you came up tops! (No surprise)
editor » You know what, Strangegirl? Happy birthday and I can honestly say I have never seen an HTML queen as you are. Totally rocks!
Strangergirl » Hey, great blog! Love HTML! Keep it up!
editor » Love your user name and I am glad you stopped by, honeypie.
hONEYpIE » I just read your blog and it was quite an eye opener
editor » You are so sweet, OFL. The ones that rate me poo poo, don't like Christian thought. LOL! I have even had to delete some nasty remarks directed to me. The joy of serving the Lord sustains me.
OFL » This is my first vist here but for sure will rate it a 10+
editor » Signed it and left my two cents worth in comments.
editor » I am on my old computer today. Seems my new one is having page display problems and my ISP says it is the computer. Yikes!